And so it begins

Feeling the strain today . Have been discussing pupils’ progress and  whether they will achieve their targets. I am worried to say the least.

So what do I do ?

I don’t want to teach too much to the test , but the children just fell  apart when faced with the paper. So I owe it to them to teach them how to answer the questions right?

Mental maths is shocking. Again  i think this has to be taught with lots of practice. How else can you get better if you don’t try the real thing every now and again? I am talking about working in pairs and discussing as well .Lots and lots of talking and working out.

Maybe matching up answers and questions to make it more “fun”

Oh I don’t know there are so many strategies and ideas. I just need to choose what is best for my kids and get on with teaching it!


and this




reminded me of current news



lady of shalott


First official day of the hols

and I have a sore throat!


In other news weekend has been really good if not a bit tiring. Drove down to dad’s for his 60th birthday celebrations. Met a lot of distant relatives  who dad has tracked down through family tree research.Funny to think we are all descended from the same people.

The party was good if not a little boozy for me . I guess I was escaping the pressures of school and letting off steam . My downfall was the glass of neat brandy I was handed late in the night. Still , no harm done and I have recovered enough to  get up at this early hour .

So today’s plan is to head to London with OH and  go to Tate Britain as I want to see ” The Lady of Shalott “. This is our next connected curriculum topic  and I would love to take the children to the Tate so am sort of doing a reccy as well .

I am determined to give my class a wide range of experiences this year, so far we have been to the theatre, tentatively set up a  class blog (  still work to be done here , but it is a start) stayed in Bournemouth for a week  and had a range of visitors into our classes. I would love my children to be able to go to a real major gallery and see art up close, so that they can make up their own minds about whether they like it or not.

As the grandaughter of a local watercolour artist ,  being around art was a regular occurence for me and my sister. So many nights fitfully sleeping with  pipe cleaners in our hair  so we had cute ringlets to go with our new dresses and shoes to present some local dignitary with flowers  at one of grandad’s many exhibitions.

In my class right now  there are many differing experiences and home situations.I guess I just want them to have the opportunity to try out lots of things while they can .

Anyway I shall report back from London town .

We are also going for Japanese food so will blog that later

For Now…


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