DAY 1 Introduce yourself / List your likes and dislikes

Hello ! I am Jen

I am  a primary school teacher and have been so since qualifying in 2004 also the year I got married:-)


I came into teaching in a round about way .

When  I was at school I always wanted to be a teacher .

I  then toyed with the idea of being a journalist and a window dresser.( had work experience at Dorothy Perkins and a local free paper interviewing  people about their neighbours ha ha ) .

I didn’t do so well in my A levels  and so couldn’t go to university that year and ended up working in a fast food place for a year . 

The next year I headed to Birmingham to start a B ed, I lasted a term . A headteacher on my first placement took me into his office and told me I would never be a teacher because i was ” unprofessional” My mistake? calling in sick and  believing the university nurse when she said she would pass on a message.

Alongside some personal stuff I made the decision to quit. I just wasn’t ready to teach

Then I ended up in Derby doing the ambiguously titled course Ba Hons ( History of Art, Design , Film and Photography) .It really wasn’t the best course for me  but having quit once I wasn’t about to drop yet another course.

One of the best things that happened while I was there was that I became involved in new technologies . I wrote my dissertation about the internet and how it might affect art  and had the chance to meet some amazing artists using the latest technologies in their work.I also took part in one of the first webchats in 1995 with Colin Angus from the Shamen ( really!)


Anyway finished my degree and ended up working in Habitat for a year and  moving back to mum’s after a relationship breakup. After a few months of call centre hell, I got a job in Japan as an English Teacher ( yup i know ! you only needed a degree and I had been doing some voluntary work as well 🙂


Japan is another story  ( i will do a whole blog post on that!)

In 2002 I moved here and decided to do a PGCE , and so here you find me in the 7th year of my career ,having just finished one of the most difficult years of my career, but hey ho – whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right.


I still love technology ( again i could go on )

aah yes likes


Technology,my kindle.reading, dancing like a loon,Pavement and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

6music and spotify,Writing poems and making up rhymes and puns,My cat Toby,Teaching


rude people,Ofsted,Michael Gove, being disorganised ( which is a shame as I often am!)






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    Aug 23, 2011 @ 18:46:53

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