Blogpost -The evening before the morning after

So here we are again . Where did that last week go ?

Have spent the best part of the day planning , writing timetables and doing all kinds of other last minute bits and pieces.

I am going to stop in a moment after writing these posts because I need some downtime. Ok I may laminate , but that can be done whilst watching telly  or reading.I have decided that I want to start this term with a fresh attitude and to stay strong in the face of adversity.


Tomorrow is INSET , but I think it will be a very busy day !  There is a lot to do with about half of the staff being brand new . I think it is really important to make them feel welcome and make sure we all become a team. I have already been round the classes for a natter just to say hi and offer any help I can .


This week we are not teaching standard lessons. On Tuesday we will be delivering content  related to the Fish Philosophy which is something linked to the Edison curriculum ( a bought in whole school curriculum) , that I enjoy doing.

There are 4 areas or messages .

Play this is all about how we can make the activities that we do  more fun ( I am a great believer in this  both for kids and the teachers!) I have some videos from you tube to share with the children



teacher flashmob

Be present This is all about making sure you are in the room with whoever you are communicating with and giving them your full attention ( I am going to work on this as a teacher. Its all too easy to give a cursory answer if you are busy)


Choose your attitude Kind of speaks for itself ( I know I am making a concerted effort to choose my attitude this year and how I will deal with the challenges that I face)


Make their day  How can you brighten someone’s day?What can I or they do that will go the extra mile?


Now some of this could come across as a bit lovey dovey and pschobabbly , but I think that  the messages are actually what we all try to achieve as a good teacher .


I will post on how we get on 🙂


My classroom


It’s getting there .Not sure how it will fare once 32 little year 4s get in there but am sure it will be fine!

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