Well that went well ! first term of year 4

So I find myself back on my blog , having just signed up to attend teachmeet at the Bett show . I have just dusted away the cobwebs and found that I have had very little to say this year so far . Well that’s not true , it’s just that life has taken over  especially school life .

So i find myself nearing the end of this year  having done very little in the way of blogging . I feel a bit disappointed about that as I had such high hopes for myself . But hey! , a new year is on the horizon so rather than make it a resolution to start in the New Year , I will just get on with it now .


OK thoughts

Teaching Year 4

If you read my previous entries you will know that I had the most difficult year of my career last year .  I survived and  am now a term in with my year 4 class who are brilliant ! . They are enthusiastic about pretty much everything ( from my random breaking into ukulele songs to on the spot poems ) I feel rejuvenated and much more able to cope . Ofsted came and monitored and that went OK , I was pleased but still not convinced it was my doing ( still needed so much support)

So far we have covered light and sound  ( a very science based topic ) and also taught one of my favourite books ” The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan . I was so pleased the kids loved it too .

I think I have also relaxed back into maths teaching . I am really keen to work on my lower ability children especially one boy who is only low ability because he is EAL ,I  know that he will fly once  he has the language skills in place . I want that to happen while I am teaching him .

What I have found beneficial is that I  have a better understanding of where the children need to be  by year 6 and i think that has led to me having higher expectations especially with my higher ability children . I find it much easier to move them on quickly  and long may this continue !

I really enjoyed our Vikings topic and  i think the children did too , right from videoing the first discovery of artefacts in the school field to the final exhibition . I tried really hard to let the children’s questions lead the teaching, but I still think there is a lot of room for development here .

Personally I really enjoyed getting my kids to make up their own dances to “Immigrant song” by the mighty led zep !!!




What I find tricky about our connected curicculum is the timings as we are required to do so many other things and my mind wants to join everything up . but i have two half days out of class which means it can be tricky to fit everything I want to in . I am not very good at  prioritising. Another target .



Anyway our next topic is “Chocolate” the children have to design and make their own chocolate bar . I am going to run it a little like Junior Apprentice I think so that there will be a winning team . We will be enlisting the help of reception children and in ICT lessons we will be creating our own advertisements and posters for our products .They will also have to pitch  their product 


I think I will split up these blogs into sections . so  the next one may be more  personal development and then some thoughts about technology . Otherwise I will just “ramble on” ( god bless yah Robert Plant!




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