2011 some educational books I enjoyed last year

So where was I – ah yes

I had given the overview of my thoughts about year 4 so far .


So the last year has been one of my most challenging , but one that I have survived . I think I am now in a place to develop and grow as an educator. Here are some things I have learnt  this year

Books that have inspired me( links to amazon if you click)

Why do I need a teacher when I have Google-Ian Gilbert

I am a big fan on Ian Gilbert’s work ,he talks a lot of sense and has an understanding of what really goes on in the classroom. His style is engaging and a lot of what he says is  common sense ( but remember I was going through the year from hell and common sense can be lacking when you are in a fight or flight situation) .

It is a scary thought when you consider that children in  class right now are learning  and preparing for jobs that may not haven’t even been invented yet . Which brings me nicely onto:

The Element – How finding your passion changes everything  Sir Ken Robinson

Again another amazing orator and educationalist just look up some of his TED talks . He reiterates a lot of what Ian was talking about , but also  makes you consider your own motivations .

Throughout my darkest days last year I never once considered quitting teaching – ( perhaps I may have had to leave , or change the place I worked , but teaching runs through my veins )




The lazy teacher’s handbook- Jim Smith

Aah another great book , which again as an easy read , but full of tips and techniques for use in the classroom . I am now in the beginnings of experimenting with techniques such as “teach the cat” and have seen some great results and increased confidence from my children. Its early days and If i manage to keep up blogging I will detail  further.


Talk for writing across the curriculum – Pie Corbett and Julia Strong

As a literacy leader I was lucky enough to attend one of Pie’s Talk for writing conferences  and came away enthused and inspired raring to go . But you know how it sometimes is : those notes get misplaced, “oh what was it he said again ?” ” “what type of text was that ?”

Well this title  is inset / lesson planning and inspiration in one handy place  and there is even a DVD included with Pie himself talking ( filmed at the courses he delivered)

What I love about Pie’s work is that it works ! We had so much fun doing our work on dragons  and the structured was that it was taught helped even  my children who struggle come up with their own ideas. I am looking forward to getting stuck into the persuasive writing unit this term 🙂


and if you needed further convincing  just watch this



I could go on and list all of the educational books I have read and sorry if I didn’t mention  all – but these are a great starting point for anyone who is either starting out in teaching , or like me just wants to keep learning .

Here’s to a great 2012 





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