Thoughts on the BETT show 2012

Teachmeet So on Friday I dashed away from Northampton to catch the train down to London to catch up with friends old and new at the BETT2012 TEACHMEET . as soon as a it through the door I was me by a sea of friendly faces , people there to share there ideas and strategies to elp their pupils become better learners . Giving up their Frday night some of whom had already done 3 days of BETT now that’s commitment ! so there ‘Mr Gove ‘ I attended my first Teachmeet 2 years ago in the same room and sadly missed last years although I did attend BETT .I was looked from the off , because it was a revelation o find that there were teachers like me , who wanted to experiment with new technology in order I engage and enthuse pupils. I had seen the fantastic Tim Rylands speak in Milton Keynes and had already started to experiment with blogging and websites etc Anyway I filled a couple of pages of my notebook with lists of websites to visit , twitter names etc (I found the original the other day ) I think the thing that struck me most was that everyone was just like me. There was no one claiming to be doing it the best way , just enthusiastic real teachers sharing what worked well for them . There was an attitude of I’ve it a go and try it for yourself . This year we had two trainee teachers up and I was inspired to hear how they were using blogging as a tool to develop as teachers . I was also impressed that they were specialising in ICT (if only I had the chance when I was training ) So this years Teachmeet didn’t disappoint . it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and people who like me just kept coming back.Plus I got say thank you to Mr Rylands himself. I feel part of something exciting , I feel proud to know so many exciting and innovative teachers .

This year I am going to aim to get to more teachmeets if I I can and maybe even shedfest . BETT I don’t really come to BETT for the stands , although there are always a few I make a point of visiting (brainpop,rising stars,2simple etc ) I go for the people. I remember meeting Mary for the first ime haing arranged t meet up through a teaching forum . She had to call me to come out with some change to park .Mary is an inspirational teacher and extremely well deserving of all the accolades she has picked up. People are what make BETT for me , I can remember quite a few of the conversations I have had and I have gone away with my head buzzing with ideas about teaching and gone straight back into school and done something about it . I am definitely a better teacher because of that .

Three things that were highlight for me apart from the people .

1. Listening to Pie Corbett talking about sentence building games on the Nelson Thornes stand .Ideas to use on Monday that  and will have an immediate impact .

2. Eavesdropping the # domoredu session . I had seen the hash tag on twitter , despite the dodgy wi if so decided to investigate . I spent a good half an hour listening to educators collaborating and discussing a range of ideas , haven ‘t had the chance to look back yet .

3. Being handed an iPad and getting a 2 hour practical demo of some of the best apps for education .Filled a notebook up with names and ideas( fell in love with garage band)


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