Where’s the off switch ?

I was going to call this post  “Switching Off ”  but my lovely colleague beat me to it ,read her fab post here .

But that brings me to mind why us teachers find it so hard to switch off in the shorter holidays or in some cases the summer holidays as well .

My husband does a stressful job , I don’t envy some of the work he has to do , yet when the shift is over and he is back home , he thinks nothing of  switching on the pc for a couple of hours of gaming  . So why do I feel differently ?

Someone very close to me has recently had to be signed off their job due to stress  ( they are not a teacher , but in one of the other professions  where  these problems are all too familiar) . It has made me think very carefully about what I want out of life and why I place so much importance on work .

I love teaching , but I have had a very difficult few years  in the job , My dad ( who is a retired teacher ) constantly reminds me on the phone to beware of burnout when he hears me talking about books I need to mark , or  planning that needs to be done . I used to laugh and say ” Don’t worry that’ll never happen to me ” , but it nearly did . I found myself in a  trapped , unable to work out what needed doing and just working  all the hours I had, blindly  thinking I was holding it all together . I wasn’t .

Luckily, a fresh start in September has given me  a chance to reassess my career . It hasn’t been easy and I am still very much a novice at my new job. I have made mistakes  , but the difference is that I am able to ask for help,  listen, learn and act .  I am lucky to have supportive colleagues  and am beginning to understand the importance of working together  towards a shared goal.

Anyway about that off switch . I found it this week (well the mute button!)  . I went away to my in-laws and took no work . Instead I filled my days with  walks in the countryside and reading . Pure Bliss . I have a very busy mind ( another blog post I think)  but I do feel that I was able to quieten my thoughts   a little this week .  I will return to work  feeling a lot brighter  and I will make sure that I work when I need to work and try to  make time for me  as well .

Teaching is a hard job . I define myself as a teacher , but I am also a wife , a daughter , a sister ,a friend  and me .

I think that list might need reorganising a bit 🙂

Right I’m off to put those walking boots on!

These boots were made for walking

These boots were made for walking


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