Nurture 14/15 looking back at 2014

There’s that phrase isn’t there ? “can’t see the wood for the trees”  and this year I was forced to do a bit of pruning in my life . It’s been a very challenging year for many reasons  and whilst I won’t go into detail here , I will just say that something had to give and it was almost me .

I didn’t do a 13/14 nurture blog ,in fact as you can see I haven’t blogged for over a year .

I think I would like to change that , but we’ll see how it goes .
So, I’ll just take a look back at the last year :

1. Looking after myself – I learned the hard way that I need to look after myself . I didn’t see the signs where others did , but luckily I was able to take time and reflect on what  my values truly are .

Putting my feet up .

2. Launching a brand new behaviour policy and seeing it work – at the end of summer, I went to a fantastic course with Paul Dix and with his help was able to create a workable policy that is delivering results across the school .
3. Acting in a play- ok it was just a bit part and I was replacing a drop out, but I had lines and make up and costume . It was fun ( I played Helen of Troy in Troilus and Cressida)

4.Learning new skills – I got a pyrography set for my birthday and have spent some lovely hours burning away . I made a few xmas pressies as well .

5. Appearing on stage in an improv comedy group- again I call myself the ‘supply’ improviser , but I have had the chance to appear onstage a few more times this year with ‘The Same Faces’ I really love improv and have learned a lot this year .

6. Running a half marathon- yup I did the great North Run again and knocked a few minutes off my time. Very proud of myself .

7. Giving up booze for 6 months – not as hard as you would think. Although I do wish there was a bit more choice in bars for non drinkers .
8.Understanding the benefits of sharing – in my case especially of talking about problems rather than hiding away from them .
9. Appreciating the amazing colleagues that I work with .
10. Kind words from parents – it really does make a difference when you are thanked .
11. Being able to support children who are struggling . As pastoral leader this isn’t always easy , but I always try to be there to listen .
12. Seeing amazing live music . My husband and I have spent a lot of time travelling to gigs around the country, quite a few of them bands we both loved in our younger years. Highlights were : Arcade Fire, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, NIN and The orb . There’s something special about being right there .

13- Being married for 10 years – my husband is amazing

14 – Making time for friends – lots of cups of tea, shopping and day trips and maybe the odd glass of wine ;-p


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