#Nurture14/15 looking forward

So its the first day of 2015 and having just written my reflections on the last year , I’m on a roll so will get started on this one as well .
Well the end of 2014 forced me to take a break and reflect so I have done a lot of thinking about what I want out of life . Here are just a few of the things I would like to achieve this coming year .

1. Organise – Get on top of finances and clear debts – really important this one it links in with teaching in that I will often buy a book or resource and not charge it back to school . Moving out of my classroom the other day made me realise that I need to downsize a lot. In my personal life this is also true . So will really try to ask myself these questions Do I need it ? Can I afford it ? Is it worth it ? I have just unsubscribed from all of the shopping emails that I get sent as well. I need to do some serious shifting of old clothes, books and other junk .
2. Write – Not just blog posts , but journals , letters, allsorts .
3. Cut down  meaningless screen time – I really need to get out of my faux relaxation habit of slumping on the sofa and browsing the internet of an evening . Especially facebook . I did have a bit of a break from it and it was great , so I am going to make a better effort at this .
4. Create – I have a lovely craft desk and a ton of paper and dies, stamps , inks and other goodies so I need to make better use of them as I really do find that immersing myself in creating is a bit like meditating .
5. Travel – whilst I would live to go further afield I am really happy just dotting up and down the country with my husband for odd weekends .Would like to do some more walking as well.
6. Perform – I will hopefully get back on stage with The Same Faces and am hoping to land a part on one of the many productions that Masque is putting on this year.
7. Learn – from my mistakes and move on.
8. Enjoy – My job ( it is changing a little this year so I am looking forward to some new challenges ) I have really reflected on what it is to be a teacher and I need to focus on the main reason I came into teaching which is for the children.
9. Run – just get up and run

10. Nurture – myself with good food , good habits and lots of pampering .
11. Stop – worrying about the past and future and live in the now .

12. Support– my colleagues , pupils,family  and friends

13. Challenge – myself to do new things , step out of the comfort zone every now and then and don’t be afraid to ask for help .

14. Smile 

15. Relax  and with that I’m off to slouch on the sofa with … a book


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  1. genkijen
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 19:13:56

    So I did sneakily go on facebook for a bit. But guess what ? I got offered an improv gig this Saturday ! So that’s one wish already granted 😀

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