It’s that time of year again . I put it off as long as I could, but now I am sitting here with butterflies in my stomach .

Aah the begining of a new term. You can tell it’s nearly upon us , or in the case of my Leicestershire colleagues  already started ( Well they did finish the week before us  in July! ). Twitter is now ablaze with before and after images  of shiny new classrooms , BevEvans wonderful site is being hit thousands of times a minute, laminator sales are hitting the roof  and  thousands of us teachers and wondering how on earth we are going to get up  at stupid o’clock next week .

So why the butterflies ?

Well I am a very  infrequent blogger (shame on me . I will try to do better) . I have had a very challenging year for a number of reasons  and I haven’t really felt like sharing any of it online( Close friends know the ins and outs)

The reason I have butterflies is because I am nervous. I am starting a new job and this is the perfect opportunity to become the teacher I know I can be . Everyone is rooting for me .

The difficulty with a new job is that you cannot know everything straight away . It is a learning curve . There are different procedures, ways of teaching, planning etc . I know that I will take everything in my stride and I won’t let the children down ( they are the most important people as far as I am concerned) . I want to be the best that I can and that is one reason that i was determined to have a proper break , which I have done .

So I have cocooned myself away and not thought about work for a long time . I have wrapped myself in the silks of friendships , family and good books.

I am not an ugly caterpillar any more.

I am ready to hatch and fly off  into a whole new bright and positive frame of mind


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